At BayBridge, helping people is not just a service, it’s our focus. We serve seniors with the utmost respect, compassion and joy. Our service is dynamic, customized and evolving to accommodate the ever changing needs of our residents. 

We take pride in fostering fulfilling lifestyles for our residents. The BayBridge Experience is about finding the perfect balance of good living; enjoying every moment and living life to the fullest. We want to provide our residents and their families with the peace of mind that comes from safety, security and great living.

The BayBridge Experience is directed by our guiding values that filter into every aspect of our community living and care.

Our mission is to empower seniors to flourish by supporting mind, body and spirit through an engaged and passionate team in a place called home.

What makes BayBridge Different?

Ongoing training – We never stop learning. We are committed to the highest levels of innovation in senior living and that means staying on top of new trends and technologies within the senior living industry. We provide ongoing learning opportunities for our employees including; specialized training, workshops, cross discipline partnerships, friendly experiences and classes.

Experts on hand – Good training requires experts. We seek out the top subject matter experts in the fields of senior living, nutrition and care for all of our specialized training programs. Our experts include: life & wellness coaches and enrichment leaders.

Residents committee – In order to maintain the highest quality of service our residents volunteer to be a part of the board of residents within each community to build consensus, evolve and customize the BayBridge Experience.

Follow through and execution – We follow through. We deliver on our promise and because of our integrated approach to care, we are able to continually evolve and shift based on resident’s needs.

Relationships matter – We seek to create a community mentality with all of our third party vendors and suppliers and our great relationships lead to outstanding levels of service. We create working partnerships that are strengthened by making everyone a part of the BayBridge team.

Service excellence – We believe in creating excellence in everything that we do. For example our summer menu was twelve weeks in comprehensive development. The team consisted of a chef, a wellness specialist and had resident committee approval.

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