The Maison memory care neighbourhood is characterized by specifically designed neighbourhoods that provide homelike environments.

Living With Dementia, our memory care program, provides safe, comfortable and enriching environments for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We offer a specialized memory care ‘neighbourhood’ with extra security and staffing to support those with memory loss. We also provide individualized care including brain fitness, daily reminders, medication administration and cueing. Our memory care services are focused on safety, healthy minds and finding purpose and meaning in each day.

Our memory care services maximize independence, dignity and safety while providing all the benefits of our specialized programming and services: 

24-hour dedicated staffing
Roam alert
Highly specialized social, therapeutic and recreational programming
Brain fitness and other cognitive programs
Regular wellness reviews
Housekeeping and laundry services
Daily reminders, medication administration and cueing/reminding


Caring for People with Memory Loss
Helping those living with memory loss live a meaningful life every day is vital. We believe in creating opportunities—all day, every day—for everyone to flourish.

That’s why we created a distinct environment designed to help our residents, families and team members enjoy life while feeling safe and secure.

We start by getting to know residents and family members so we can provide individualized care and support. Instead of waiting for dementia behaviours to present themselves we believe in the preventative reassurances care model—providing reassurances with prompts and statements throughout the day. Through practical hands-on experience, we have learned approaches that comfort residents.

Common sources of anxiety for residents living with memory loss can include believing they need to:

get home
go to work
pay a bill
find their children

By creating a personalized approach through cueing and prompting, we can support a resident to prevent a concern from arising.

Our person-centred approach to care recognizes each resident’s unique values, personal history and preferences. We learn what is important to each individual—and honour those preferences by weaving them through our Personalized Support Plan. We tailor our care to the specific needs of each resident.